Is Our Laser Teeth Whitening Safe?

Our products and services are completely safe. Our mineral-based gels and Cool Blue™ LED laser do not do any damage to the teeth and can even have enamel-building properties.

Should I Consider Getting My Teeth Whitened?

Definitely! White smiles are scientifically shown to give you a younger appearance and are positively correlated with higher self-esteem.

How White Will My Teeth Get and How Long Will My Results Last?

The maximum whiteness of your teeth will vary depending on your lifestyle, diet, oral home care and the composition of your teeth. Everyone has a natural point where their teeth won’t get any whiter, but you will leave your session with your whitest possible smile. With proper maintenance and periodic touch-ups (at a discounted price), your beautiful results can last a lifetime.

Does It Hurt, Because I Have Sensitive Teeth?

Most of our clients do not experience sensitivity, either during or after their whitening sessions. A small portion of clients do feel a certain amount of sensitivity on their teeth or gums, especially when they have hot or cold foods and drinks within two hours of the session. We suggest that you eat before your session so you won’t be hungry immediately after treatment. We can use desensitizing gel to neutralize any immediate sensitivity and after 24 hours, most sensitivity will usually be gone.

Is Our Laser Teeth Whitening Safe on Existing Dental Work, Including Crowns, Veneers and Fillings?

Yes! Our laser whitening is perfectly fine to use with dental restorations, and will even whiten them to their original color, but not beyond.

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